Seminar The children’s section as an arena for literary mediation. Oslo

The Library of the 100 Talents is a project about children and the library of the future: about their talents and their powerful ability to use their imagination when confronted with information. About their aptitude and movement through media, illustrating just what media literacy really could be. The Library of the 100 Talents is about libraries since these are the places children like to come to and where new substance is given to old ideals of the library: as a source for personal and social development. It is also a project for librarians giving new substance to contemporary librarianship: by giving children the spotlight. By inspiring others and becoming inspired by others. By discovering talent: in yourself and in the children. Librarians and children can shape the new youth library together by taking a contemporary and imaginative perspective on finding and using information through media. In this way the youth library could become a factory of ideas made by and for children, offering a space wherein talents have room to grow thanks to a library that organizes itself differently.