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The Korenbeurs (Schiedam)
The Korenbeurs is a library with a special feature: a wonderful indoor garden where people can read, relax, enjoy conversations and ‘grow their brains’. The library is green in more ways than one. Especially for De Korenbeurs, cardboard bookcases and displays were designed that are not only cost-efficient but also reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. In a philosophical way, the garden emphasizes the function of the library as a place of growth. But it’s also a place for contemplation, reading, listening to music or engaging in conversation. Like Cicero once said: "If you have a garden in a library, you have everything you need".

The Chocolate Factory (Gouda)
Key themes of the Chocolate Factory are inspiration, knowledge sharing and knowledge creation. It is a place where stories are told and composed, making use of the collection’s entire wealth.

Libraries 2040
The Brabant Library was one of the seven 'Libraries of the future' in the Libraries 2040 project. It is a fascinating design by architect Winy Maas (MVRDV) in which the power of a small-scale design is combined with the almost limitless possibilities of a 230-metre high super library.

Bookmark | What if?
BrainGym/MindSpa: The purpose of this Library concept is to create a library in which people can activate their brains and also their minds and in doing so improve their overall brain activity. This stimulus to the brain can have a significant impact on brain activity later on in life. brain. Brain gym is a part of the Libraries 2040 project an was created by students of the Design Academy Eindhoven.

De bibliotheek anders bekeken / a fresh look at the library
The library is designed to equip people as fully as possible in order that they can develop culturally and socially and are capable of making independent choices. In an age of information overload, we have to utilise all our knowledge and qualities in order to help people make choices. What is important and meaningful for their development and is suited to their personal identity? It’s about creating a new kind of wealth for them: the relaxation, the attention, the quality and the true meaning that have now become so precious.

The Architecture of Knowledge
Verslag van een vierdaagse studiereis naar aanleiding van dit project